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Monday 1 June 2020
for the Journey
 Simple ways to walk with our children in faith, hope & love
Our God of love and relationships
Trinity Sunday celebrates the central mystery of Christian faith: God is love, God is relationship. God is one, yet three (Father, Son, Holy Spirit). We do not believe in three separate gods; rather, we believe in one God, revealed as three divine persons in perfect unity. The loving relationships in our lives offer a glimpse into this mystery. Think about your family, friendships, teamwork, participation in community… For the relationship to be fully alive, we need to go beyond 'two', to 'three' (e.g., a baby born, a mission shared, a purpose or outreach that takes us beyond the sum of 'two'). As you go through your week, encourage your children to point to examples of our loving, lifegiving God at work in our world.
Faith steps at home
Spice up a family meal on Trinity Sunday (7 June 2020) with ''trinitarian' symbols! e.g. triple-chocolate cake; Neapolitan ice-cream; triple-cheese macaroni; or a collection of three candles. Or bake cookies that have been cut in the shape of circles and triangles.
Teach your child to make the Sign of the Cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. This is trinitarian prayer in action.
God is love, God is relationship.
Simple rituals to inspire family unity
Home-Based Spirituality
Find out more about our new series of online parent sessions: Home-Based Spirituality. Read/watch reflection material in your own time, then zoom in to share some thoughts with other parents. More . . .
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