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Monday 11 May 2020
for the Journey
 Simple ways to walk with our children in faith, hope & love
I will not leave you orphaned 
"I dare say that we, each of us, has been dreamed of by the Father as a father and a mother dreams of their awaited baby. The Father wanted you; not the mass of people, no, you, you, you. Each of us. This is the basis of our relationship with God. We speak of a Father who loves us, who chose us, who gave us a name."
These words of Pope Francis express so beautifully the meaning of our baptism. Recall, too, the words of Jesus from this Sunday's Gospel: 'I will not leave you orphaned; I am coming to you' (Jn 14:18).
Faith steps at home
Pray at home
This week, light a candle with your child and pray for expectant parents and for babies who are preparing to be born. Pray, too, for those who long for a child but are unable to conceive and give birth.
Celebrate at home
Look for an opportune moment to share with your child the story of his/her birth (or adoption), communicating the specialness of the gift which he/she brought to your life.
"The Christian is chosen, he or she is a dream from God" (Pope Francis).
Click here for a 5min prayer break
Home-Based Spirituality
Find out more about our new series of online parent sessions: Home-Based Spirituality Read/watch reflection material in your own time, then zoom in to share some thoughts with other parents. More . . .
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